Alexander Gubin Status (2013): Ilizarov Center (Kurgan) CEO ,  Tumen State Medical Academy professor, chief editor of “Orthopaedic Genius” magazine ,   AOSpine RF educational officer. 03.12.1973  – date of birth, Saint-Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia 1995 till now – prof. Ulrih E.V. «Pediatric Spine Surgery Scientific Group» 1997-1999 Residence: Pediatric Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology 1999  –  till now. Practical work as an orthopedist and spine surgeon + scientific research 2001 – The  presentation of Medical Thesis for scientific title of Candidate of Medical Sciences on “Bone fusion with allogenous feto-implants in pediatric spine surgery” under the guidance of Prof. Ulrih E.V, Dr. of Med Sci. 2002 – 2005 The supervisor of the Student’s Scientific Society on pediatric surgery, Saint- Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy (SPSPMA) 2002-2008 –the Head of Educational  Department Faculty of Pediatric Surgical Diseases, SPSPMA 2008 – 2010 – the Director of Scientific Research Center of SPSPMA 2009 – The presentation of Medical Thesis for scientific title of Doctor of Medical Sciences on “Pediatric Cervical  Spine Surgery”. 2002-2009 – associated professor SPSPMA, Faculty of Pediatric Surgical Diseases 2009-2010- professor SPSPMA, Faculty of Pediatric Surgical Diseases 2011- till now, professor of State Tyumen Medical Academy, Orthopedic and Trauma faculty with the course of pediatric orthopedics and spine surgery. October, 1, 2010 till now – the Director (CEO) of Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center “Restorative Traumatology and Orthopedics”, Kurgan 2012 till now – the AO Spine Educational Officer Russia Areas of scientific and practical interest: –          Surgical treatment of cervical mal-developments, trauma, acute and chronic diseases of the cervical spine in children and adults; –          Surgical treatment of the deformities of the spine and other parts of locomotive system –          Reconstructive operative techniques in septic and tumor conditions of locomotive system –          Pelvic reconstruction –          Bone fusion in spine and other pathology –          Electronic modeling of the human body and pathological processes There are many publications and presentation on the above and other subjects. Author of  more than 150 publications (mostly spine surgery), two spine surgery books (in Russian), one chapter in textbook for surgeons (in English), four manuals (for medical residents) and 11 RF patents. Have been working as a Lecture on traumatology and orthopedics for more than10 years.